Winter Wolf & Coyote Hunts

All of our Wolf Hunts will take place in Hunting Districts 240, 250, 261, and 270 all within the Bitterroot National Forest, plus we will utilize several of our private ranches during the winter months that hold wintering deer and elk. During the wolf hunt if we decide to move to the private land then we will facilitate the lodging. The Season takes place from December 1 to March 31. Hunters are welcome to take coyotes. We will cover a lot of country, mostly via truck, driving roads looking for fresh tracks or will sit on a vantage point and glass vast amounts of land, until we can find a pack. At times we will utilize snow shoes or snowmobiles to help us move around more effectively. Once a pack has been located, we will either try to call to them or if they are visible, simply make a stalk into a shooting position.

Our Coyote Hunts are done on two different properties


Bitterroot & Private Land Wolf Hunt
6 days / 7 Nights - No Lodging / Food
2 Hunter x 1 Guide at $2,950
1 Hunter x 1 Guide at $4,000

Add Days for $250/per