Bitterroot National Forest / Valley

The Bitterroot Valley in Montana is known for and home to some of the State's Best Mule Deer Hunting!
We specialize in and offer Custom Packages for all 240, 250, 261, 262, or 270 Mule Deer Draw Tag Hunters!

All of our Bitterroot Elk Hunters, if they wish to hunt mule deer rather than whitetail, they’d apply for Unit 240.

In units 250, 261, & 270 the state only offers a limited number of tags annually, making the quality of both the hunt and bucks really good! Most tag holders can expect to see roughly 4 - 15+ quality bucks per day. Each and every year, our draw hunters will have the opportunity to be hunting mature bucks that will score 175 - 185+, and we’ll try effortlessly to locate a 190 - 195+ type buck, however they’re not around every corner but they are possible! These hunts are generally booked after the hunter has secured a permit through the draw.

2019 Available Hunts: All Draw Hunts are Guided 1 x 1.

All of our Draw Hunts are from 4 to 6 days and are completely customizable.
- Price does not include food, lodging, transportation to the hunt area, meat processing, or gratuities. 

RESIDENT OR NON-RESIDENT “SPECIAL DRAW TAG HUNTER” - 250, 261, 270; 5 Days at $4,500
GOVERNOR TAG HUNTER; 6 Days at $7,500. Includes 1 Guide / 1 Spotter. Preseason Scouting. Hunter on Call.
- Additional Spotter for Summer Scouting can be added for $1,000
- Additional Spotter for the Hunt can be added for $1,500