Spring Black Bear

If you are looking for one of the under rated, best valued, but that true Wild West Experience then this hunt should be near the top of your bucket list. Black Bears generally have poor eyesight, however they make up for it with great hearing and an unbelievable sense of smell, making it tough to get close to begin with, then add in the fact that when the moment arrives, your heart will be beating out of your chest!

All of our Spring Bear Hunts take place within the Bitterroot National Forest. This can be a physically demanding hunt. The terrain varies greatly throughout the entire valley, from rolling foot hills and flat meandering logging roads, all the way up to some of the steepest and rocky avalanche chutes or a high mountain basin. Spring is a great time to be in the mountains, the landscape literally comes alive with all the new green grasses and wildflowers, not to mention it's an excellent time to get out and stretch those legs after a long winter off from hunting and activities. Like us, these bears take full advantage of the warmth and fresh new green food sources that can be found.

Our typical day starts at a trailhead early in the morning, then either still hunting old logging roads or ridges above lush creek bottoms or natural clearings. Later in the afternoon's we like to set up on a vantage point that allows us cover a lot of ground with our optics, once a bear is spotted then the race is on. Bears are notoriously unpredictable and you never know what the are going to do next. Because of this we try to get into position quickly to minimize the chance of the bear feeding into the timber before we get there.

Rifle hunters we recommend a 270 caliber or larger, that shoots 150+ grain bullets. If you are looking to bring a bow, we recommend that you shoot with at least 60lbs limbs minimum with solid fixed blade broad heads. Black bears in our area seldom exceed 400 pounds, however they are still tough as nails and a good shot placement is key and will go a long ways with a quick / ethical kill. Shots distances can very greatly depending on the situation but most of our bears taken over the past few years have been between 50 and 300 yards. During our archery hunts we can typically try to close that distance to between 20 - 50 yards. No matter your weapon of choice, please make sure you have put in enough time at the range before you arrive for your hunt to make it count when the time comes. 


Spot & Stalk Hunt
5 days / 6 Nights - NO Lodging / Food
2 x 1 at $2,650 OR 1 x 1 at $3,850

The 1 on 1 experience is for the hunter who wants to give himself the best chance of coming home with a trophy boar! This will be the same hunt as the 2 on 1 hunt but you will have one guide dedicated to just you. This will only ensure that you personally have every stalk opportunity that is presented, all to yourself. Overall, the more chances you have, the better you’re odds of sealing the deal. This is a true mountain hunt, you will cover a lot of country during the hunt, glassing multiple drainages looking for that perfect opportunity to stalk a mature bear.

2019 Hunt Dates:

May 13 - 17             

May 20 - 24           

May 27 - May 31       

June 3 - June 7       

June 10 - June 14