Cow Elk


Everyone has to eat... we prefer elk!

 The Square Butte Ranches are primarily made up of fairly large open natural grass covered foothills, coming off an expansive and rugged mountain range. We have a very large resident herd of elk that use our property during the early months as a travel corridor between their feeding and bedding areas, and they winter on it during the colder months. The majority of our hunting takes place early in the mornings right at day break or late in the evenings, as we try to ambush the elk as they come to and from their bedding areas in the heavy shaded timber pockets higher up on the mountain. During the day we usually head back to the lodge for lunch and or a nap, the waiting game can make for long days. If you are one of those people who just can't sit still, there are plenty of fun things to see and do nearby. There is excellent trout fishing in the area on several rivers, wade fishing or a float can be arranged. Overall, this is a fun filled low intensity hunt that is likely to fill your freezer for months to come.  

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Semi Guided Rifle Cow Elk; 2 Hunters at $1,750/per OR 4 Hunters at $1,550

What's Included: Private access & lodging. A guide will be on the premises at all times to supervise the property but will not participate in the hunt or game retrieval 

What's Not Included: Your 217-00 cow tag ($270) & meat processing fees ($200+). 

Fully Guided Rifle Cow Elk; 2 x 1 OR 4 x 1 at $1,950/per

What's Included: Private access, lodging, 3 meals a day, guide assistance, all travel during the hunt, game care, & transportation to the meat processor.

What's Not Included: Your Unit 217-00 cow tag ($270), meat processing fees ($200+), & gratuities. 

Our Hunts: Our cow hunts are four days / four nights. During the early months we start on Thursday and end on Sunday, during the late season hunts we can be more flexible. Most hunters meet us at the lodge, however if you are flying, arrangements can be made for us to pick you up at the airport in Missoula.

We limit it to only 1 group per hunt, with a min of 2 and max of 4 hunters, depending on time of year.

2019 / 2020 Hunt Dates:

August 15 - 18 (4 Rifle Hunters)   

August 22 - 25 (4 Rifle Hunters)

September 2 - 5 (2 to 4 Rifle Hunters)

September 11 – 14 (2 to 4 Archery Hunters)

September 18 – 21 (2 to 4 Archery Hunters)

September 25 – 28 (2 to 4 Archery Hunters)

October 1 – 3 (2 to 4 Rifle Hunters)

October 10 - 12 (2 to 4 Rifle Hunters)

November 28 – 30 (2 to 4 Rifle Hunters)

December 9 - 11 (4 Rifle Hunters)

December 18 - 20 (4 Rifle Hunters)  

January 7 - 9 (4 Rifle Hunters)     

January 14 - 16 (4 Rifle Hunters)    

January 23 - 25 (4 Rifle Hunters)

February 3 – 5 (4 Rifle Hunters)