Lion & Bobcat

All of our Mountain Lion Hunts take place in Hunting Districts 240, 250, 261, and 270 all within the Bitterroot National Forest.
Bobcat season takes place from December 1 to February 15, we will typically continue to chase lions till around February 30th. 
We utilize local experienced houndsmen and their dogs to put these cat’s up in a tree.  This is a unique experience that everyone should try once in their life, plus we have big cats. This can be a physically demanding and mentally straining hunt due to long hours and days. The terrain varies greatly throughout the entire unit, from rolling foot hills, with meandering logging roads, quite a bit of roadless, all the way up to some extremely steep and rocky high mountain basins.


Mountain Lion (1 Tom) - Hound Hunt
6 days / 7 Nights - NO Lodging / Food
1 Hunter x 2 Guides at $5,500

Bobcat (1 Tom) - Hound Hunt
3 days / 4 Nights - NO Lodging / Food
1 Hunter x 1 Guide at $1,950
Additional Bobcats are $750

The 1 on 1 experience is for the hunter who wants to give himself the best chance of coming home with a trophy boar! This will be the same hunt as the 2 on 1 hunt but you will have one guide dedicated to just you. This will only ensure that you personally have every stalk opportunity that is presented, all to yourself. Overall, the more chances you have, the better you’re odds of sealing the deal. This is a true mountain hunt, you will cover a lot of country during the hunt, glassing multiple drainages looking for that perfect opportunity to stalk a mature bear.