Bull Elk  

The Bitterroot National Forest is an expansive region that consists of roughly 1 million acres and is located on the Western half of Montana along the Idaho boarder; encompassing both the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountain Ranges. The area us commonly know as the Bitterroot Valley and lays just South of Missoula. We are licensed in the following Montana Hunting Districts 204, 240, 250, 260, 261, & 270.

If you are looking for that Western Mountain Hunting Experience, then look no further this is the hunt for you! This is a very rewarding but physically demanding hunt, where the better shape you are in then the better your odds of success will be. We utilize 4x4's to reach the trailheads early in the mornings, from there we will head out for the day on either foot or horseback. We typically pack a lunch and spend the day on the mountain but things can vary each day depending on weather and the hunting conditions. This is not a Trophy Bull Elk Hunt, most of our hunters that are presented with shots, are at averaged size but respectable bulls in the 200 - 270 range, however there is always a possibility of hunting a larger 280 - 300+ bull but they tend to be tougher to find. However, any veteran elk hunter knows that any bull elk on public land is a good elk. If you're the kind of hunter that enjoys getting of the beaten path and takes pride in working hard for taking home a freezer full of wild meat then this is the elk hunt for you! 


Bitterroot National Forest
Public Land Hunts

2019 Hunts Available: Lodging & Food are NOT included

We have all of our Archery / Rifle bull elk hunters apply for an “Unlimited Draw Tag” - Unit 270
All of our bull elk hunters can also hunt the General Elk Units - 240 & 261

We offer Archery / Rifle Hunts for the Trophy bull elk in “Special Draw” - Unit 250
1 x 1 Fully Guided Trophy Bull Elk Hunt: 6 Days / 7 Nights; $5,000

2 x 1 Fully Guided General Archery Elk: 6 Days / 7 Nights; $3,250 add $1,000 for 1x1

2 x 1 Fully Guided General Rifle Elk: 5 Days / 6 Nights; $3,500 add $1,000 for 1x1

General Archery Elk Hunt Dates:

September 9 - 14    

September 16 - 21    

September 23 - 28  

October 1 - 6  

General Rifle Elk Hunt Dates:

October 26 - 30      

November 9 - 13

November 15 - 19

November 27 - December 1