Antelope / Speed goat

We offer several great options for Archery and Rifle Antelope on Private Land. Most of our archery hunts are conducted from ground blinds over water, while our rifle hunts are predominantly spot and stalk type hunts. This is as easy of a hunt gets physically, made for any hunter!

The average shot distances with archery hunters varies greatly depending on your situation but anywhere from 5 - 70 yards and with our rifle hunters it can range from 75 to 450 yards or even further at times or if your wanting to test your shooting ability. Please before you arrive on your hunt make sure to put the time in with either your bow/rifle, make sure that you are comfortable out to those distances.


Archery - Spot & Stalk or Blind Hunt

All of our Archery Hunters Apply for the 900 Archery Only Tag.  
2017 Draw Odds for Non-Resident; 84% Success; Resident was 100%

We only offer a limited number of archery hunts annually on each property, making this a quality hunt in both the overall shear populations but also some great bucks to be hunted. You can expect to see from 4 - 10+  bucks per day. Every year on average we are hunting bucks that score 60 - 75+. 

Hunts are either 3 days / 4 nights or 4 days / 5 nights.

*Price does not include meat processing or gratuities. 

2019 Available Hunts: 

Rolling Breaks Ranch: (Food & Lodging NOT Included) - Spot & Stalk Hunt

Guided 2 x 1 at $950/per or DIY 1 Hunter at $750 or 2 Hunters at $650/per       

August 15 - September 30 (Up to 8 Hunters all season)

Sandy Ranch: 
(Food & Lodging Included) - Blind Hunt

Aug. 15 - 17; 2 x 1 at $1,250/per         

Aug. 23 - 25; 2 x 1 at $1,250/per         

Aug. 29 - 31; 2 x 1 at $1,250/per         


Rifle - Draw Hunts & Guaranteed Tags

All of our NR Rifle Hunters will Apply for either Units 690-20 (26%), and or 700-20 (21%).
If you're looking to bypass the State Drawing and get a Guaranteed Tag in hand,
please feel free to contact us about hunting on the Bear Mountain Ranch!

Hunts are 3 days / 4 nights. (Food & Lodging Included) 

*Price does not include transportation to lodge, meat processing, or gratuities. 

2019 Available Hunts: 

Bear Mountain Ranch: Guaranteed Tag: 1 buck + 1 doe - (Food & Lodging Included)

Call for Dates and Pricing. Limited to 2 Hunters a year. Averaged 100% Success last 3 years.    

Rolling Breaks Ranch: Draw Tag Unit 700 - (Food & Lodging NOT Included) 

Oct. 5 - 7; (1 Group of 2 - 4 Hunters) at $950/per       

Oct. 11 - 13; (Up to 2 Hunters) at $950/per   

Sandy Ranch: Draw Tag Unit 690 - (Food & Lodging Included) 

Oct. 5 - 7; (Up to 2 Hunters) at $1,250/per       

Oct. 11 - 13; Up to 2 Hunters) at $1,250/per