Winter Wolf Hunt

All of our Wolf Hunts take place in Hunting Districts 240, 250, 261, and 270 all within the Bitterroot National Forest.
The Season takes place from December 1 to March 31. We utilize local experienced houndsmen and their dogs to put these cat’s
up in a tree.  This is a unique experience that everyone should try once in their life, plus we have big cats. This can be a physically demanding and mentally straining hunt due to long hours and days. The terrain varies greatly throughout the entire unit, from rolling foot hills, with meandering logging roads, quite a bit of roadless, all the way up to some extremely steep and rocky high mountain basins.


Wolf Hunt
6 days / 7 Nights - No Lodging / Food
2 Hunter x 1 Guide at $2,950
1 Hunter x 1 Guide at $4,000

Add Days for $250/per