In 2019, we will offer a limited number of hunts, making this a more personalized quality hunting experience!
We will only offer 2 Hunts on the property; Early Archery and Late Muzzleloader. We keep it very limited in hopes of keeping a better age class on the local bucks. You can expect to see anywhere from 2 - 6+ bucks per day depending upon several factors or weather patterns. Please keep in mind that this is an opportunity hunt, however our focus will always be trying to hunt the largest bucks possible. Our whitetail hunters will get the opportunity to be hunting 120 - 145+ bucks, and each year there is a chance there will be a 150 - 160+ buck around.  

These hunts will predominantly be done by either sitting in ground blinds or elevated stands or by spot and stalk tactics. We have the ability to hunt on foot or by 4x4 vehicles. The big boys don't old by being dumb, so if you arrive in a good mindset, have patience, and willing to put in some effort then you will have an excellent opportunity to come home with the buck of your dreams! 

We typically start each morning fairly early, with a hearty breakfast, then we will load up and drive to either a blind / stand for drop off or to sit at a vantage point to start glassing up bucks up from a distance. Once a buck is located, a game plan is made for how to best approach the deer and set up for a clear and clean shot. Our average shot distances with archery hunters is 10 - 75 yards and with rifle hunters is can range anywhere from 25 to 300 yards or even further. Please put the time in with your bow/rifle to make sure that you are comfortable out to those distances. With your rifle we highly recommend sighting your gun in for a 200 yard zero.


What's Included: Private access, lodging, 3 meals a day, guide, all travel during the hunt, field / game care, & transportation to the meat processor.

What's Not Included: Your Deer tag ($301.75), meat processing fees ($150+), & gratuities. 

*Most hunters drive and meet us at the lodge, however if you are flying, arrangements can be made for us to pick you up at the airport in Idaho Falls or Missoula.

2019 Available Whitetail Hunts: Only allow 1 Archery and 2 Muzzleloader Hunters a year.

Aug. 30 - Sept. 5; 6 Days / 7 Nights - Archery - 1 x 1 at $4,000                                   

Nov. 10 - Dec. 9; Choose any 5 Days / 6 Nights - Muzzleloader - 2 x 1 at $4,000/per or 1 x 1 at $4,950