Bull Elk  

The Salmon River Ranch consists of roughly 5,000 acres of fairly flat, open country, with several miles of dense patches of red willows and cottonwood stands, that follow the meandering streams in the river bottom. There is lots of meadows full of tall lush native grasses and a mix of sage, which is all completely surrounded by agriculture fields that all sit at the base of several predominant mountain ranges. This is an absolutely pristine and scenic property. 

The property is located within the Lemhi Region. During our Archery Hunts, we utilize the OTC Lemhi Region A Tag, we are able to hunt the entire property. If you are looking to hunt with a Rifle, all of the rifle hunting is done in Unit 37. Rifle Hunters will have to Apply, they have annually issued 6 tags to Non-residents. Idaho currently doesn't have a Point System in place, so everyone is on the same playing field. The draw odds in 2018 for a NR Unit 37 Rifle Tag were roughly sitting around 9%, so chances of drawing a tag here were slightly better than some other units from across the state. 

We have a very large resident elk herd that uses our property in August, September, & October as a primary area to rut and as a travel corridor between their feeding and bedding areas. A large majority of our hunting takes place early in the mornings right at day break, and or late in the evenings. We try to ambush the elk as they come to and from their bedding / feeding areas. We hunt these elk several different ways, we utilize our Xenek ground blinds, ambush on well used trails, spot and stalk, or we will try to lure them in by calling. Hunting typically takes place early in the mornings and late in the evenings, we try to back off the property during the mid day hours to keep the elk comfortable. After the morning hunt we typically head back to the lodge to rest and have some lunch, unless we have several bulls bugling still!

We try our best to keep the human pressure to a bare minimum, this has ultimately created greater opportunity and overall experience for the hunters, by only running a limited number of archery (8-9) / rifle (1-2) hunters. Clients can expect to have
lots of action, and be hunting 250 - 300" bulls on average, with potential for 310-320"+ bulls.


What's Included: WHC guide assistance, private access, lodging, food, all of travel during the hunt, assistance with trophy prep & meat care, & transportation to the meat processor.

 What's Not Included: ID hunting license, Lemhi Zone Elk A tag ($416.75), transportation to / from the lodge, trophy care, meat processing shipping / fees (WHC is not responsible for getting your meat home) & or the guide gratuities.

*Most of our hunters drive and meet us at the lodge, however if you are flying, arrangements can be made for us to pick you up at the airport in Idaho Falls or Missoula.

The Hunts: Our archery hunts are 6 days / 7 nights. Our Rifle Hunts are 5 days / 6 Nights.
Arrive the afternoon (2pm) before the hunt starts and depart the morning (10am) after your scheduled last day.
Add 2nd Archery Cow Elk at $950; Archery Antelope at $950; Archery Management Whitetail $1,500

2020 Archery Hunts Available:

Archery Elk Hunt Dates: 

September 1 - 6; (2 Hunters) at $5,500/per        

September 8 - 13; (2 Hunters) at $5,500/per                    

September 15 - 20; (2 Hunters) at $5,500/per                  

September 22 - 27; (3 Hunters) at $5,000/per                 

2020 Rifle Elk Hunts Available: 

October 1 - 5; (1 Hunter) at $8,500