Booking Terms:

We will only except personal or cashier's checks payable to Western Hunt Co.
Send payment & documents to 5800 Lariat Loop, Missoula Montana, 59808.

All Montana Big Game and Wingshooting booking reservations are subject to approval before they are officially booked. Contracts must be accompanied by the required 50% deposit due at the time you reserve your hunt. The remaining 50% balance will be due either 60 Day's prior to your hunt, unless that day falls on or after August 15th, this is the last due day for the remaining deposits or the hunt will be subject to cancelation.

Any hunts booked after June 15th will be due in Full.

No rate reduction / discount will be given to a client for not showing up to their hunt on time, or leaving early.

Schedule adjustments may occur but are not limited to; change of season dates, public and/or private land closures due to fires, disease, natural disasters, etc.
If for any reason, unforeseeable or not, the hunt may need to be re-scheduled, then WHC will make every effort to work with our clients on keeping the original chosen hunt dates. If it's not possible to keep the original dates then WHC will schedule another hunt in the future, that's dates have been mutually agreed upon.

Refund / Cancellation Policy:

First 50% deposit is refundable if canceled by January 15th the year of the hunt.
Final 50% deposit is NON refundable. Unless specified before or an emergency.

If for some reason, an emergency happens we will be happy to work with each hunter on a personal basis, likely ending in crediting the deposits already paid towards a hunt the following season. 

If a hunter doesn’t draw his Montana Deer or Elk General License they are subject to a full refund of their first 50% deposit, or one’s able to purchase a preference point for that year and keep the deposit on the books for the following season.

It's nearly impossible for WHC to rebook last minute cancelations, especially in Montana in regards to how the tag system works.  

We highly encourage our clients get Trip Insurance, we suggest Travel Guard by AIG. They are competitively priced, and provide excellent customer service and coverage. This is simply to help you cover your investment if the unforeseeable happens.  There are many circumstances that may arise that could cause a hiccup in your trip of a lifetime, so cover yourself.  

Licensing / Permits:

Applications for Cow Elk & Antelope are due by June 1st.
Applications for Moose, Sheep, and Mountain Goat are due by May 1st
Applications for Deer and Elk, General or Special Draw are due by March 15th.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions, we are happy to walk you through the process of applying successfully.

Hunter Conduct:

All hunters will be expected to conduct themselves in a polite and civil manner and obey all state and federal wildlife regulations. We ask you to respect all WHC staff. This includes cooks, guides, other hunters in camp, our equipment, landowners, their property, and the animals we pursue. If someone violates the hunter conduct policy then they will be asked to leave immediately, no questions or exceptions. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. We are here to make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable time while out hunting.


WHC staff (cooks, guides, or a spotter) all do their best to go above and beyond to take care of a client while in the field or if you are staying with us in one of the lodges. WHC staff is the heart and soul of the company and in turn I hope for the best for them and expect them to be taken care of accordingly, if you are not fair to WHC staff and they put forth great effort, then you will not be welcome back.
On average, the basic TIP for a Western Hunt is 10% of the total hunt cost.

First Blood Policy:

Due to the nature of trophy hunting, being able to maintain healthy populations and herd dynamic is a necessity. While every reasonable effort will be put forth trying to recover a lost animal. If a hunter wounds an animal that we are unable to recover it is WHC policy that your hunt for that species is over. 

Meat Care:

We take great pride in proper meat care. It should be one of the main reasons your hunting with us. Wild game meat is delicious, nutritious, all natural protein! While in the field, WHC takes care of the gutting, skinning, and transporting of game to the local processor. This is to ensure that it will be properly taken care of.  We want our hunters to enjoy these healthy eats for months to come. However, the hunter is responsible for all fees related to shipping & processing of the meat. If for some reason you are unable to take the meat home with you we can facilitate the donation of the meat to those in need. 


WHC will help you through the entire process of getting your trophy of a lifetime from the field, to the freezer, and ready for mounting. We work with one of the best taxidermist's in Montana, if not the industry. Steve Brett of Game Trails Taxidermy, located in Florence, Montana. Over the years Steve has re-created several outstanding works of art for WHC and many of our clients!