Elder Creek Ranch

The Elder Creek Ranch is one of our smaller properties but we keep it very exclusive, located on East side.
This single property consists of over 8,000 broken acres, offering a wide variety of terrain, the country is void of almost all trees, to include mild badlands / breaks country, a fair amount of mild rolling grasslands and sage, and a couple miles of dry creek bottom, mixed with a small amount of dry-land agricultural.

This property have been managed for a minimal amount of pressure. We try to focus on mature 5+ year old bucks, which will typically score 150 - 165+, however every year there’s possibility of a 170 - 180+ roaming the property throughout the season. It's not uncommon to see 6 - 15+ mule deer bucks in a single day, this can be an exciting and action packed hunt. This property doesn't have a lot of what most would consider "typical" whitetail country but can hold some bigger mature bucks at times. Hunters have the option to take a whitetail if presented the opportunity and would like to take place of their mule deer.

2020 Available Hunts: Lodging & Food included. 
*Price does not include transportation to camp, meat processing, or gratuities.                 

Mule Deer / Whitetail - 1 x 1 for Archery / Rifle Hunts is an additional $1,250

Sep. 5 - 30 (Choose any 5 days); Trophy Archery - 2 x 1 at $3,500/per       

November 1 - 22 (Choose any 5 days); Trophy Rifle 2 x 1 at $4,500/per  

November 1 - 22 (Choose any 2 days); Management Rifle 2 x 1 at $1,950/per